What is an App?

An App is a software program or group of programs for the end user, either built by Procore or by a third party, that integrates into a variety of endpoints of Procore’s API. This extends the functionality of Procore's core product and the systems you use and love.

I don't see a specific integration available on the marketplace, can I suggest an integration?

Absolutely! In fact, we welcome new ideas. Use the “Submit an Idea” form found in the top-right corner of the App Marketplace web page. All ideas are carefully vetted and processed.

What if I want to build an app to display on the marketplace?

You can! We are looking for development partners. You can find more information on our Procore’s Partners page. You’ll be asked to sign up as a partner. Once a partner, you will be given access to Procore’s developer tools to enable your ability to develop an integration for the App Marketplace.

What if my company wants to build an app for their own use?

You can do that too. Please visit the Procore Developer Portal to sign up and learn more about accessing our API.

Can anyone build an app for the App Marketplace?

Of course (provided you have the background and know-how). If you have software engineering resources, we invite you to develop an app for the marketplace.

What type of developer support do I get if I want to build my own integration?

Procore has a Developer Success and Support group dedicated to providing world-class support while utilizing Procore’s API to build your integration.

What does an integration with the label 'Built by Procore' mean?

“Built by Procore” simply means that the integration was built by Procore’s development team and is also supported by Procore’s support team. For further support please contact [email protected]

What does an integration without the label 'Built by Procore' mean?

If you don’t see the “Built by Procore” label, that means one of our partners developed the integration. In addition, this also means the integration is supported by that third-party company and not by Procore. Since Procore didn’t build it, we can’t provide the support you might need. Sorry!

What does an integration with the label 'Beta' mean?

This publisher has chosen to run a beta trial for this integration. If you are interested in participating in this beta trial, click 'Contact Us' on the App page, complete the form and submit. This beta trial may have limited availability and the publisher controls who is allowed to join the test group.

What if I want more info on an integration that is listed on the marketplace?

All the information available on the integration can be found on its individual info page. If you would like to know more, please fill out the form on the individual info page and a Procore representative will reach out to you when more information is available.

What happens when I submit the 'Want to know more?' form for a Built by Procore Integration app?

You ask, we’ll answer. A Procore representative will reach out to you with more information.

What support do you offer for integrations that are built by Procore?

You’ll get full support! Procore will continue to maintain, support, and update any integration developed by us.

What support do you offer for integrations that are not built by Procore?

While Procore cannot support these integrations, the publisher will. In the Apps Support section, the publisher will provide you with a direct contact to their support team.

What Apps come with Procore?

There are a few! Use the “Built by Procore” filter to see a list of all apps that are available at no charge.

What does “Use it today” mean?

This label lets you know that the app may be ready to use right away. You may be directed to a “how to” article at support.procore.com that helps you enable the app yourself, or you may be directed to a support team member who will enable the app for you.

Is there a limit to the amount of apps I can use?

You’ve got endless possibilities! There is no limit to the amount of apps you can use.

How is security handled with third-party applications?

Please refer to this support article and learn more about Procore Information Security and Privacy.

Is there a cost associated with an App not built by Procore?

Possibly. Each app is unique and the costs associated are managed by the app publisher.

If I have any questions about the App Marketplace website or find any problems such as broken links, videos not working, etc. who should I contact?

Please reach out to [email protected].