Work Zone Cam

Data Connection

With Work Zone Cam you can:

Upload 24-megapixel Work Zone Cam images directly into Procore

Create RFIs, observations, change events and Daily Log updates

Automate the addition of imagery into Daily Logs for visual verification

Integration Summary

Work Zone Cam drives productivity by incorporating visual content into your Procore dashboard. The 4G LTE all-weather camera is ideal for projects of all sizes and offers 24-megapixel photos, AI-edited time-lapse movies, LIVE video burst, and 4K hosted services. Powered by EarthCam’s unmatched integration, Work Zone Cam delivers valuable features to enhance project management. Systems are available for rent or purchase, and are supported by responsive, dedicated teams.

How it works

Increase your ROI with the Work Zone Cam integration, a cost-effective site camera solution. Work Zone Cam is powered by EarthCam’s unique camera integration with Procore, bringing users valuable features to enhance project management, making it the partner of choice to monitor, document and promote your project all within the Procore dashboard.

Create new ways to incorporate visual information for safety and compliance, with automatic data integration for weather, waste and equipment tracking. Automate the addition of imagery into Procore’s Daily Logs and effortlessly add visual data to safety violations, accidents, equipment records and site inspections.

Additionally, Work Zone Cam is also available as an embedded app, which provides access to Work Zone Cam and additional apps all in one place. See "Helpful Links" below for more information.

Integration Requirements
  • Free integration with subscription to Work Zone Cam

Required Procore Tools
  • Observations
  • Photos
  • Change Events
  • RFI
  • Daily Log

Helpful Links

About Work Zone Cam

Work Zone Cam is the leading provider of economical construction webcam technology and services. The camera offers LIVE video burst, 24-megapixel photography, AI-edited time-lapse movies with music and 4K hosted services. A solar power kit is available for a hassle-free 100% wireless installation. Systems are available for rent or purchase and come with a lifetime warranty.

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