Work Zone Cam

Data Connection

With the Work Zone Cam integration you can:

View live video and archives from your jobsite in your Procore dashboard

Upload your 18 megapixel Work Zone Cam images directly into Procore

Create RFIs, observations, change events & add daily weather log updates

Integration Summary

Work Zone Cam provides everything you need to integrate jobsite photos into Procore. The 4G LTE all-weather camera is ideal for projects of all sizes and offers 18 megapixel photos, AI-edited time-lapse movies, LIVE video burst, and 4K hosted services. Options include a solar/battery kit and a Jobsite Weather Station that provides eight points of local environmental conditions. Systems are available for rent or purchase, no contracts, free shipping, full-service support and a lifetime warranty.

How it works

The Work Zone Cam integration brings valuable tools to your Procore experience. Updated images of your jobsite are embedded into your project’s dashboard. You can upload images to Procore albums, create RFIs, observations, change events and attach jobsite photos with vital weather information into the Daily Log. Once the user creates an actionable item, a unique ID is generated for the actionable item within the Procore framework. Work Zone Cam utilizes the ID to provide the user with instant and direct access to time-sensitive jobsite data. Project managers have visual verification of jobsite conditions where potential issues can be verified and assigned to specific individuals or teams.

Additionally, Work Zone Cam is also available as an embedded app, allowing you access to Work Zone Cam and additional apps all in one place. See "Helpful Links" below for more information.

Integration Requirements
  • Free integration with subscription to Work Zone Cam
Required Procore Tools
  • Change Events
  • Daily Log
  • Observations
  • Photos
  • RFI

Helpful Links

Work Zone Cam Website
Support & Sales
Work Zone Cam Embedded App
Procore Support Article

About Work Zone Cam

Work Zone Cam is the leading provider of economical construction webcam technology and services. The camera offers LIVE video burst, 18-megapixel photography, AI-edited time-lapse movies with music and 4K hosted services. A solar power kit is available for a hassle-free 100% wireless installation. Systems are available for rent or purchase and come with a lifetime warranty.

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