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Work Zone Cam

Work Zone Cam

With the Work Zone Cam integration you can:

Upload your 18 megapixel Work Zone Cam images directly into Procore

Display real-time content from your camera in your Procore dashboard

Enhance communication visually with automatically updating images attached to meeting minutes, inspections and more

Integration Summary

With Work Zone Cam, you can view multiple jobsites from anywhere & share live or archived photos in Procore. The wireless 4G LTE, all-weather 18MP DSLR camera is ideal for projects of all sizes. High-quality imagery is crucial to communicate with subcontractors, resolve disputes & use in marketing materials. Upload images into your Album, creating one central location for project management. Systems are available for rent or purchase with no service contracts & come with a lifetime warranty.

Integration Requirements
  • Procore integration is available to all Work Zone Cam clients who have paid for Software Support Service

Product Lines Required
  • Project Management

Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About Work Zone Cam

Work Zone Cam is the leading provider of economical construction webcam technology and services. The new Work Zone Cam Pro time-lapse camera offers live video burst, 18-megapixel photography and 4K hosted services. A solar power kit is available for a hassle-free 100% wireless installation. Systems are available for rent or purchase and come with a lifetime warranty.

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