Lien Waivers & Notices with Levelset

Data Connection

With Lien Waivers & Notices with Levelset you can:

Automate waiver request and collection process for approved requisitions and payments in Procore

Make it easy for subcontractors and suppliers to review & respond to waiver requests within minutes

Gain visibility into who’s on your project with preliminary notices from subs and suppliers

Integration Summary

When you use the Levelset and Procore integration, you minimize your lien risk with an easy and effective waiver process, while enhancing the experience of your project stakeholders. The integration links projects between Levelset & Procore - any notices or completed waivers you receive in Levelset will be instantly sent to the project’s document library in Procore.

Use the tool that thousands of contractors are already using to track and automate waivers, pay apps, and notices.

How it works

After setting up the integration, your Procore projects will be imported into Levelset. Projects in Procore will be synchronized with Levelset, so that any newly-created projects will automatically be created in Levelset. Using Levelset, you can either request lien waivers from your subcontractors or vendors, or provide signed lien waivers to your customers. Received notices are visible in the Document Inbox. Once a notice is saved to a Levelset project, it will be sent to the corresponding Procore project.

Integration Requirements
  • Free with a Levelset Subscription - for unlimited lien waivers and documents received

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