Voyage Control

Data Connection

With the Voyage Control integration you can:

Schedule deliveries and crane/ hoist/ forklift operations with ease

Stay on top of inventory coming onto your job sites

Improve visibility of supplier performance

Integration Summary

Voyage Control’s integration with Procore lets site supervisors and project managers conveniently manage construction site deliveries from a single access point. It helps improve operational efficiency through streamlining deliveries and on-site logistics activities, get a better understanding of what is being delivered (inventory control) and will help to meet compliance needs around security, traffic, and environment. Our integration feeds into Procore’s daily reports and submittals processes.

How it Works

The integration is enabled on a per-site basis where the site created in Voyage Control is linked to the project ID in Procore. The integration will read and write data to Submittals and will write to the Daily Log.

Integration Requirements
  • A site license with Voyage Control
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
  • Schedule
  • Submittals
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About Voyage Control

Voyage Control is an air traffic control solution for the road freight and logistics industries. We optimize inbound freight and traffic handling to drive operational efficiencies and better decision making at busy logistics hubs (including construction sites, infrastructure projects, ports, airports, convention centers, and retail/facilities management).

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