Easy Lien Waivers & Sworn Statements

With Vertical you can:

Continuation Sheet Generation: generate and distribute your monthly continuation sheet

Sworn Statement Generation: imported from continuation sheet

Subcontractor Portal: Waiver generation, distribution, execution, and collection

Integration Summary

Create and collect lien waivers seamlessly, then generate sworn statements directly from your budget! Eliminate the chaos from your monthly draw process by connecting Procore to Vertical. All project participants can contribute through an intuitive, web based platform that streamlines documentation and tracking. From the top of the payment chain down to each subcontractor and supplier, Vertical increases efficiency and transparency while decreasing overall costs and risk.

How it works

The Vertical integration enables you to import projects from Procore to automatically generate lien waivers and draw packages. Importing a project into Vertical will automatically generate draws once the draw's Owner Invoice has been approved in Procore. This includes all compliance documentation necessary for submitting the draw for funding disbursement.

Integration Requirements
  • All Vertical customers have the ability to link their Procore account and import projects.

Required Procore Tools
  • Directory
  • Commitments
  • Prime Contract
  • Invoicing

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About Vertical

Vertical was created by a team who cares very deeply about building a better, more efficient experience for construction payment tracking. With years of deep experience in construction escrow as well as solving complex problems across industries including payroll and healthcare, we are excited about the opportunity to improve how you do business each month.

While based in Chicago, we work closely with our partners across the country to ensure that they are making the most of each month’s draw process.

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