User Tool Kit

User Tool Kit

With the User Tool Kit embedded experience you can:

Equipment Tracking Between Projects - Master Equipment List

Vendor Insurance Custom Report

Create Task Distribution list, Upload Videos to Photo Album, Add Meeting Attendees not in Directory

Integration Summary

Simply click on Login with Procore to access the five tools. With one click users can download CSV files with all vendor insurance for all projects or all equipment for all projects. Other tools include adding meeting attendees who are not in the directory to the meeting record or creating links to videos in project photo albums. Users can also create a task distribution list so multiple users can receive email updates on task status.

How it works

Use your Procore login to access User Tool Kit in seconds.

1. Install User Tool Kit app from App Marketplace and connect to unlimited Projects.

2. Click on Login with Procore button and that's it!

No registration or credit card required. Try all five tools free for 14 days.

Integration Requirements
  • Windows or Mac
  • Internet connection
  • Free Google Drive account
Required Procore Tools
  • Equipment
  • Meetings
  • Photos
Helpful Links

See all five tools included
Free 14 day Trial
Install and Configure
Procore Support Article

About User Tool Kit

User Tool Kit is a California - based software development firm focused on enhancing platform value by offering features users want most.

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