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With the Unearth integration you can:

Upload your documents, plans, and photos directly into Unearth from Procore

Visualize project files by geolocation on a map

Record and report inspections

Integration Summary

Unearth is a cloud-based platform for managing asset data across teams & devices. Customize workflows for your operations, sync field teams, and monitor assets on a digital map.

How it works

Step 1: Create a site in Unearth
Step 2: Select the Procore tab in the file uploader
Step 3: Click the documents & photos you want to upload to your map from your Procore files
Step 4: Select ‘Upload’
Step 5: Uploaded files will be organized on your site map by geo-location

Integration Requirements
  • Active OnePlace license
Required Procore Tools
  • Documents
  • Drawings
  • Photos
Helpful Links

Unearth Knowledge Base
Procore Support Article


Unearth is a Seattle software company helping built-world industries manage physical assets with map-based project management tools. We digitally organize construction projects by place to enable clear communication and painless progress documentation.

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