With a uCOREM integration you can:

uCOREM gives business a clear picture of the resource availability to meet business demand

uCOREM provides portfolio management, CRM and PreCon workflows & analytics to manage the business

Prebuilt integration with Procore provides automation & analytics from opportunity to construction

Integration Summary

uCOREM is a cloud based tool designed for the overall GC administration including budgets, services and projects to help construction companies manage their assets, finances, resources, and workload more effectively. uCOREM facilitates end-to-end management integrating across biz-dev, pre-con, project portfolio management, construction and QA. uCOREM is the glue that ties all the enterprise departments and helps improve the quality and profitability of the delivered projects and services.

Company/Partner Summary

Developed by GC experts working closely with IT Professionals work, uCOREM is designed to leverage Procore and deliver the workflows that are unique to each enterprise.  The product is innovative but baked and validated by the leading GC firms in California.  It is easy to configure and easy to use.  uCOREM ‘s prebuilt interfaces with Procore gives you the opportunity to use the product from Day 1.

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