Automated insurance compliance.

With TrustLayer you can:

Keep Procore Companies and Projects in sync with TrustLayer Parties and Projects

Real-time third party (subcontractors, vendors, consultants) insurance compliance status updates

Automated Certificate of Insurance, w9, professional & business license tracking for project teams

Integration Summary

TrustLayer is a risk management platform that helps Construction teams track, manage, and verify the compliance statuses of subcontractors, vendors, and other third-party providers. The solution expands Procore’s insurance section with certificate of insurance (COI) tracking and verification that policies and limits meet contract requirements. Beyond the Acord 25 and other insurance forms like additional insured endorsements, TrustLayer tracks w9s, licenses, and other subcontractor documents.

How it works

The TrustLayer integration enables Procore users to understand when a company has satisfied its insurance requirements. Project teams can confirm if a company is fully compliant or working on gathering needed documentation. This creates visibility and transparency for teams making decisions on commitments, purchase orders, and more. The integration also eliminates duplication across the systems by automating the creation and syncing of project and company data stored in Procore and TrustLayer.

Integration Requirements
  • TrustLayer Account
  • Procore Service Account

Required Procore Tools
  • Commitments
  • Directory

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About TrustLayer, Inc

TrustLayer is an insurance technology solutions company that helps companies eliminate error-prone, manual processes and streamline existing workflows to increase insurance compliance and decrease organizational risk. From Certificates of Insurance tracking to managing the collection of w9s and other professional and business licenses, its innovative collaborative risk management platform automates these processes across multiple industries and use cases such as construction, property management, hospitality, facilities management, franchises, and more. It is also working with the nation’s top insurance brokers and carriers to create the industry’s first real-time insurance verification platform to help industries like the Construction industry have visibility into the insurance coverage status of subcontractors in real time.

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