Data Connection

With the TRIVA integration you can:

Easily sync your already populated project information from Procore to Triva

Import vendor information into Triva from Procore

Automatically track daily vendor mancount and update Procore daily logs

Integration Summary

The integration between TRIVA and Procore allows for users to easily import previously populated project information such as project name, location, etc. into the TRIVA application. As you connect your Procore account with TRIVA, your project information can be synced automatically, saving you valuable time re-entering of project information. TRIVA takes care of that for you.

Additional features coming soon include:

  • Importing vendor information into TRIVA from Procore
  • Pushing daily man count by the vendor into Procore from Triva
How it Works

TRIVA's sensors auto-detect people, equipment, and materials on job sites. This data is used to analyze the productivity of the job and provide tools for safety. With TRIVA, there is improved access to quality information critical for construction management. This includes everything from high-rise buildings to industrial plants. The days of human error, limited communication, and inaccurate data are long gone. The TRIVA platform makes construction projects more efficient from start to finish.

Integration Requirements
  • Subscription to Triva required
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
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Procore Support Article

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