Trestles Labor Management System (TLMS®)

Data Connection

With the TLMS® integration you can:

Short Interval Schedule Performance Simulator

Build Work Packages

Reliability Measures

Integration Summary

Trestles Labor Management System bridges the gap between upstream project management systems and what the crews really need, with an easy-to-use mobile app for the field and back-end reporting. Built on industry best practices including Lean Construction, Advanced Work Packaging and Short Interval Scheduling, TLMS enables planners and frontline supervisors to quickly break the work down into a manageable set of tasks then schedule day-by-day to keep projects on track.

How it Works

TLMS contains four interfaces with Procore with the following touch points: drawings, documents, work breakdown structure (WBS) and employees. The drawings and documents integration is accessed through TLMS constraints checklist and enables construction project teams to compile Procore-hosted drawings and documents with weekly short interval schedules. The employee interface allows TLMS users who also have a Procore account to pull employee records that have been setup in Procore into TLMS. Likewise, the WBS interface pulls companies, programs, projects, project stages, project sections and trades into TLMS via Procore's API to reduce and eliminate duplication of WBS setup. Data that has been pulled in from Procore cannot be modified within the TLMS application.

Integration Requirements
  • Active Procore account
  • Active TLMS account
  • Documents, drawings, employees data in Procore
Required Procore Tools
  • Directory
  • Documents
  • Drawings
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About Trestles Construction Solutions, LLC.

35%-50% of the average craftsperson's work day is spent waiting, double handling of material, performing re-work and on other non-productive time. Self-performing construction contractors use our labor management software and service offerings to improve their field crews’ safety, quality, productivity and schedule reliability performance.

With upstream process improvement, frontline training and short interval scheduling technology that focuses on where the money is made and lost, your crews will be more efficient, cost-effective and productive.

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