With the integration you can:

Link plans created by your team directly to your Procore workflow to eliminate duplicate work in multiple systems

Encourage your teams to plan together to clear constraints and RFI's in an interactive environment to increase buy-in and accountability when cost consciousness is imperative

Extract your team’s best thinking to reduce project time when deadlines are crucial to operations

Integration Summary

This integration redefines the way Lean construction teams operate. Touchplan + Procore is the only solution that allows you and your team to become more Lean-oriented by both streamlining and digitizing the process. This adjustment helps promote setting and reaching goals and encourages everyone to more permanently stick with an effective way of building. The integration allows teams to create constraints in Touchplan and create or connect them to the RFI process in Procore. Uniting Touchplan + Procore guarantees L​​ean and Last Planner System (LPS) subscribers will have a seamless way to practice and embody these efforts in a single, user-friendly experience.

About This Company

Thoughtfully engineered throughout 15 years of experience to ease the pain of complex construction often found in heath care and medical projects, Touchplan’s technology solution insists that there is a smarter way to plan and execute jobs regardless of any obstacles, no matter how unique they may be. The easy-to-use tool born out of a transformative MIT service, allows for collaborative planning and creates project visibility for all. Side effects are a reduction overall time and cost, exposure of everyone’s best thinking, increase in overall team buy-in and accountability, and maximum output from all teams.

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