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Data Connection

With the Riskcast integration you can:

Log into Riskcast using your Procore credentials

Connect to any Procore project you have access to, including your own or that of a GC/CM

Automatically populate Procore manpower, quantity and other daily logs using data captured through Riskcast, thereby removing double entry

Integration Summary

The Riskcast integration with Procore allows Riskcast users to upload manpower and other daily logs into Procore. Riskcast users, typically Foremen and Superintendents, can capture man hours, production quantities, notes, equipment usage, and delivery tickets via one simple time card entry screen in Riskcast. Using the integration, they can then push their daily logs into Procore, including to a GC or Owner’s Procore account.

How it works

Users can log into Riskcast using their Procore credentials. Once in Riskcast, users can upload their daily log information created in Riskcast, such as their manpower and quantity logs, into Procore. By enabling Daily Log integration between Riskcast and Procore, clients can create their Daily Logs once in Riskcast, but then store them in Procore.

Integration Requirements
  • Annual subscription to Riskcast

Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log

Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About Riskcast Solutions

Riskcast is a jobsite productivity tool for self-perform GC’s and Trade contractors. It’s an intuitive solution designed by people from the field, for the field. We allow project teams to define their project budgets and labor / equipment hourly rates within Riskcast, thus giving clients access to real-time jobcost and productivity reporting for their projects. Users can track man hours, equipment usage, installed quantities, worker certifications and daily logs through either a web or mobile device. Using this data, our analytics allows management to gain insight into a project’s financial health, avoiding cost overruns and increasing margins.

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