With the Tenna embedded experience you can:

See assets on the map with geofences across projects on the web or mobile app to stay connected

Know when assets are being under or overutilized with automated hour and mile readings

Create work orders, automate preventative maintenance, view maintenance details and status

Integration Summary

Tenna lets contractors see and manage their equipment, vehicles and tools on One Platform. Users can search for company assets and see reported location, utilization, pictures, condition, assignment, and much more, and can update asset information while in the field or on the go. Using the Tenna App in conjunction with trackers such as cellular/GPS trackers, Bluetooth Low Energy trackers, or QR tags allows contractors to locate and account for equipment accurately across operations.

How it works

Accessing Tenna through Procore lets you keep all your operational data in a single view for total visibility and better project management. Tenna does for your construction equipment what Procore does for your people and projects. View management, maintenance, tracking and utilization for all your heavy equipment, attachments, fleet vehicles and tools and let the office, field, and shop improve communications, share key data and work together easily and efficiently.

Integration Requirements
  • Tenna account
Required Procore Tools
  • None
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About Tenna

Tenna is the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations. We let heavy civil and specialty contractors know more with reliable tracking and a unified platform for mixed fleets, built on over 100 years of construction experience and industry expertise. We let contractors control more with uninterrupted visibility from the machine level to the project office and throughout the company. As result, contractors make more money with better own, move, buy/rent decisions, increased utilization, higher profit margins and more predictable days. Established in 2015, our cloud-based platform leverages telematics, cellular/GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy and Quick Response technologies to deliver contractors the insights they need about their mixed asset fleet through web-based or mobile app interfaces.

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