With the Tableau integration you can:

Answer in-depth questions about your business and projects, saving you time and money on future jobs

Analyze your project data in one of the world's most advanced and easy-to-use analytics tools

Move your data from Procore to Tableau with zero technical knowledge required

Integration Summary

Procore is a technology partner with Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA). This partnership allows Procore users to leverage Procore Data Extract to create powerful data visualizations in Tableau. Procore Data Extract extracts data from any custom report created with Procore's Company level or Project level Reports tool. This gives you secure access to your real-time report data directly in Tableau.

How it Works

Leverage Procore Data Extract and the Microsoft SQL Server Connector (available through Tableau) to pull Procore data into Tableau. A license for Procore Data Extract is required to utilize this functionality.

Integration Requirements
  • Tableau Account
Required Procore Tools
  • None
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About Tableau

Tableau is a business intelligence and analytics tool which creates custom visualizations. To turn opportunities into reality, people need the power of data at their fingertips. Tableau is building software to deliver exactly that. Tableau products are transforming the way people use data to solve problems, making data analyzation fast and easy, beautiful, and useful.

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