Software for Hard work.

With STRUXI you can:

Easily integrate Procore with Struxi to allow foreman to capture, allocate and analyze productivity.

Accurately gather labor hours in the field with our integrated IOS application, Capture.

Export time entries to Procore for Timecard creation and submission.

Integration Summary

STRUXI is a cloud-based Labor Productivity Suite that enables foreman and project managers to capture, allocate and analyze job productivity. STRUXI replaces paper timesheets and cost codes to make job-site tracking easier. Also, allows foreman and project managers real-time insights into productivity powered by PowerBI.

Procore's integration with Struxi allows users to sync timecards with Procore and speed up the process.

How it works

Sync Procore and STRUXI to see your timecard information in all your relevant Procore Tools. STRUXI gathers the time punches from the on-site, integrated Capture application and the foreman allocates time and production to cost codes to easily sync with Procore. This information will show up in Procore's Budget, Daily Log, Reporting, Analytics, and Resource Management (depending on your Procore Subscription).

Integration Requirements
  • Active Struxi Account
  • Procore Account

Required Procore Tools
  • Timecard
  • Timesheets
  • Directory
  • Crews
  • Direct Costs

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STRUXI is built on our 50+ years of experience in delivering ERP software solutions to help construction companies manage their business.

Our mission is to deliver a construction software toolset that maximizes the efficiency in your construction business, by empowering people on your jobsites as well as in your back offices to easily track, analyze and manage time.

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