StructShare - Purchasing & Materials mgmt.

Data Connection | Embedded

With StructShare - Purchasing & Materials mgmt. you can:

Sync PO records and committed costs from StructShare into Procore

Sync invoice records and actual costs from StructShare into Procore

Embedded dashboard of invoices status and cost analysis

Integration Summary

Automated procurement and vendor invoices workflows, allowing Procore users to auto-sync POs and invoices into the Procore financials and budget -- removing 100% manual entry, preventing errors, and providing full drill-down to line-item costs and insights.

How it works

You will be able to sync all your PO data and automate routing and vendor invoices approval in 3 simple steps:
[1] Install the StructShare app within Procore
[2] Sign up to StructShare
[3] Activate the integration within the StructShare account*

*For easy onboarding, Procore clients will be able to retrieve all relevant information into their StructShare account in a few simple clicks. Including users, projects, vendors, and cost codes.

Integration Requirements
  • StructShare account
  • Procore account

Required Procore Tools
  • Admin
  • Directory
  • Commitments
  • Budget

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About StructShare Technologies Inc.

Our mission is to help specialty trade contractors and self-performing GC's ace their jobs and gain a competitive advantage by removing the inefficiencies in one of the crucial factors in the business - materials. StructShare removes the manual work, frustration, and errors in material/PO management, by digitizing the entire workflow and syncing all data directly into your budget. An end-to-end purchasing solution tailored for self-performing contractors, that streamlines the entire cycle from field orders, RFQs, POs through delivery capture and automated invoice/PO reconciliation. All while providing intimate real-time tracking on budget, inventory, and general expenses.

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