Data Connection

With the StructShare integration you can:

Retrieve project information from Procore into StructShare

Retrieve user information from Procore into StructShare

Retrieve vendor information from Procore into StructShare

Integration Summary

StructShare is streamlining material/PO management by digitizing the entire process from bill of materials, field requests, RFQs, and POs through deliveries and invoice/PO reconciliation while providing real-time tracking on budget, inventory, and general expenses.

StructShare Procore integration provides seamless account onboarding – import relevant information from Procore into StructShare for immediate startup. Retrieve project, user, and vendor information from Procore into StructShare

How it Works

StructShare is replacing the error-prone, time-consuming email/text-based workflow with easy-to-use cloud-based software and mobile app that connects the project teams with the office and vendors, reducing unnecessary steps and data-entry, while preventing mistakes and collecting data to gain real-time insights.

Coming soon
  • Seamless financial control - sync PO/invoice records from StructShare into Procore
  • Seamless budget control - sync committed and billed costs from StructShare into Procore
  • Single experience - embedded experience of StructShare within Procore More stay tuned
Integration Requirements
  • StructShare account
Required Procore Tools
  • Admin
  • Home
Helpful Links

StructShare Website
Procore Support Article

About StructShare Technologies

StructShare is a construction technology company established by experienced construction and technology professionals, who came together with the aim to empower trade contractors by solving major inefficiencies using advanced technology and data analysis.

Our mission is to help our customers to easily ace their jobs, gaining a competitive advantage while providing the best user and customer experience.

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