StructionSite Embedded


With the StructionSite embedded experience you can:

View your StructionSite project without leaving Procore.

Navigate your StructionSite project drawings, photos and VideoWalks inside of Procore.

Utilize StructionSite's Split View, X-Ray and VideoWalk tools while in Procore.

Integration Summary

The StructionSite Embedded App application for Procore allows users to easily access their instance of the StructionSite web application within Procore without opening another tab on your browser.

How it works

Login to StructionSite within the Procore Embedded App. Navigate to your project to access the application.

Integration Requirements
  • Generate Public Project Link must be enabled within the StructionSite project you are utilizing for the Procore Embedded App.
Required Procore Tools
  • None
Helpful Links

StructionSite Website
StructionSite Help Videos

About StructionSite

StructionSite is the fastest growing photo documentation app in the market. We are construction people doing technology, not technology people doing construction.

Our company’s commitments:

We believe the data you collect should belong to you
Your photo’s security and privacy is our top priority
Great customer support is ingrained in our DNA

Now you can walk the jobsite any time you want, right from your mobile device or browser! Loved by Superintendents and Project Engineers because of the simple interface, rapid photo capture, and ease of finding photos when you need them for tracking progress. We also let you visit the jobsite virtually using a VR headset like Google Cardboard.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That means a 360 picture is worth 360,000 words. StructionSite scores a 10 out of 10.” - Superintendent at ENR Top 20 General Contractor

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