SQL Server by Construction BI

SQL Server by Construction BI

With the SQL Server By Construction BI integration you can:

Eliminate the time and cost of writing custom code to extract data out of Procore API’s to directly access your data in a SQL Server database

Quickly connect Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Domo, Cognos, Crystal Reports or any other reporting tool to the SQL Server database and build your own custom reports

Create data exports and integrations by simply connecting to SQL Server with any SQL compliant too

Integration Summary

The SQL Server App for Procore provides a quick and easy way to access your Procore data with any SQL compliant tool. The SQL Server App for Procore integrates your Construction Financials, Project Management, Quality & Safety, and Company-level data into a ready to use SQL Server database. By having your Procore data available in a SQL Server database, you can easily create custom reports or build your own integrations.

Integration Requirements:

  • No additional subscriptions required

Product Lines Requirements:

  • Construction Financials, Project Management, and Quality & Safety

About Construction BI

Construction BI was created out of a desire to provide Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to construction firms to help maximize technology investments, improve competitiveness, and differentiate services. Leveraging decades of experience helping organizations evaluate technology, build roadmaps, and implement technology solutions, we are experts at making sense of data and turning it into meaningful and actionable information that will guide your business. Construction BI believes the success of your organization lives within your data. Construction BI has the tools to take your company to the next level with just-in-time data-driven decision making.

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