Time & Material Tracking

spot-r by Triax

spot-r by Triax

The spot-r integration automates project and user set-up between the two platforms, saving time and hassle. With spot-r integration you can:

See exactly which workers are on site and where they are with spot-r’s unique zone-based location management.

Automatically sync worker hours to Procore, providing seamless cost-coding and time-keeping.

Receive automatic safety incident alerts, allowing for improved response and overall site safety culture.

Integration Summary

Spot-r is revolutionizing construction with unparalleled, data-driven visibility across the jobsite. Through a secure, non-GPS network and a wearable device, spot-r provides real-time, cloud-based visibility into worker attendance and location, as well as safety accidents and reported site hazards. spot-r’s integration pushes automatic, accurate worksite data into Procore for timecards, manpower, accidents and daily construction reports. The two-way integration also automates project and user set-up between the two platforms, saving manual double-entry of data for current and existing users.

About This Company

Founded in 2012, Triax Technologies develops and delivers networked wearable technology for total construction site connectivity. Our flagship spot-r system mitigates risks and operational inefficiencies to keep stakeholders informed, workers safe and projects moving forward. We understand the complexities and challenges of an active jobsite, which is why we work every day to streamline processes and enhance visibility so you can build safer and smarter than ever before. spot-r is currently being used by some of the largest construction firms in the industry.

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