Newmetrix View (FKA


With Newmetrix View (FKA you can:

Identify leading risk indicators on your jobsite

View up-to-date collections of photos flagged by Newmetrix's AI engine for additional scrutiny

Create safety reports and observations based on photos

Integration Summary

The Newmetrix View app plugs into existing sources of photo and video data to automatically detect safety hazards on your jobsites and display them to Procore users.

How it works

Procore users can configure the Newmetrix View app to detect and display project photos that contain leading indicators of risk such as missing PPE, improper body positioning, presence of standing water, housekeeping, and ladders.

Integration Requirements
  • Product subscription to Newmetrix

Required Procore Tools
  • Photos
  • Admin
  • Home

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About Newmetrix

Newmetrix significantly reduces jobsite risk and overall project cost by combining the best of human and artificial intelligence. Our construction-trained AI delivers unbiased insights, predicts where to focus your attention, and prescribes specific actions to prevent incidents before they occur. With a proven predictive-based safety program that reduces losses, contractors can negotiate better insurance terms.

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