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With the integration you can:

Connect to Procore in less than 90 seconds

Use voice and image recognition to gather and find photos saving 60% of the time you would normally spend

Bring all your project photos and videos together in one location and automatically sync them to Procore albums

Extend Procore’s photo and image capability with tag searching and video support

Integration Summary

If you’ve ever felt like the photos and videos on your job are getting out of control, you’re not alone. Based on input from builders like you, we’ve built a photo and video management platform designed for the needs of the AEC industry. One of our core features – “SmartTagging” – uses artificial intelligence to automatically tag content based on voice and image recognition. Set up the Procore integration In 90 seconds or less, and start analyzing your photos and videos using the SmartTagging engine right from Procore.

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About, Inc. focuses on solving the management, collaboration, search and analysis challenges associated with industrial videos and photos. Its SmartTag Engine uses machine learning to support voice and image recognition to detect images in a video or photo and then automatically tag it according to defined terms. The platform saves significant time for teams, improves client communication, tackles the challenge of enterprise-wide media management, and provides a photo and/or video “insurance policy” that allows for easy retrieval of key imagery.

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