Smartsheet for Procore


With the Smartsheet embedded experience you can:

View and edit published Smartsheet sheets, reports, and dashboards directly within Procore

Configure the Smartsheet embedded app to be used at the Company or Project level in Procore

Integration Summary

Take advantage of powerful Smartsheet functionality and workflows without leaving Procore. Leveraging the Smartsheet embedded app inside of Procore allows members to not only view but edit that information from anywhere, allowing teams to stay connected and track key project data such as schedules, procurement logs, cost estimates, etc. Utilizing the Smartsheet embedded app also allows for the managing of multiple schedules and other dual tracking processes.

How it Works

The Smartsheet embedded app allows company administrators to set up multiple embedded Smartsheets within a Procore project. Smartsheets can be set to either fully editable or read-only for Procore users at either the Company or Project level.

Integration Requirements
  • Smartsheet Account (Admin Access to Sheet)
  • Procore Account (Company Admin to Enable)
Required Procore Tools
  • None
Helpful Links

Smartsheet Published Sheets Support Article
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About Smartsheet

Smartsheet (NYSE: SMAR) is the enterprise platform for dynamic work. By aligning people and technology so organizations can move faster and drive innovation, Smartsheet enables its millions of users to achieve more. Visit to learn more.

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