Smartsheet by Schedule Connector

Smartsheet by Schedule Connector

With your Smartsheet integration you can:

Simple Cloud Based Scheduling and To-Do’s for any Project

Real-Time Syncing (No Software Downloads, Exporting or Importing)

Update your schedule with any internet connected device (including phones) and get meaningful reports/views

Integration Summary

ScheduleConnector takes the work out of maintaining your construction schedule. By creating a cloud based bi-directional sync between SmartSheet and Procore we have eliminated the need for any applications to be installed on your computer. The real-time sync means that you no longer need to upload and download schedules to keep everyone up-to-date. Changes made to the construction schedule in Procore or in SmartSheet will be immediately reflected in the corresponding system.

About Schedule Connector

Schedule Connector is a technology company focused on architecture and construction related clients. We concentrate on delivering value and efficiencies to each client through new technologies. In this effort we have worked with many clients to build additional integrations and functionality around construction processes and workflows. We work closely with Procore’s team to develop high quality customizations and functionality for companies and the community.

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