SmartPM™ Project Analytics Platform

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With SmartPM™ Project Analytics Platform you can:

Analyze your project schedules to get an understanding of performance on all of your projects.

Translate schedule data into insights that are accurate and easy to understand.

Generate schedule reports instantly highlighting schedule quality, delay, changes and risk.

Integration Summary

The SmartPM™ and Procore Integration seamlessly connects Procore users to the SmartPM™ Project Analytics Engine. Analyze all of your project schedules stored in Procore in minutes for on-demand answers. When everyone is on the same page you: Gain Confidence. Eliminate Chaos. Work Together.


*Delay Analysis
*Change Log and Impact Analysis
*Schedule Quality Analysis
*Compression Analysis
*Milestone Tracking and Forecasting
*Risk Assessment Analysis

How it works

Using the schedules stored in Procore, SmartPM’s proprietary algorithm employs a 5-step analytical process, including Schedule Quality Analysis, Recovery Analysis, Critical Path Delay Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, and Predictive Analytics to perform powerful analytics and convert them to digestible intelligence for the user.

Integration Requirements
  • SmartPM License
  • Primavera/Microsoft Project Schedules

Required Procore Tools
  • Schedule
  • Documents

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SmartPM™ is a cloud-based software that makes sense of your construction schedule data.

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