SmartPM™ Project Analytics Platform

SmartPM™ Project Analytics Platform

With the SmartPM™ Project Analytics Platform embedded experience you can:

Project Oversight Analytics

Process Improvement Analytics

Forensic Delay and Impact Analytics

Integration Summary

The SmartPM™ and Procore Integration seamlessly connects Procore users to the SmartPM™ Project Analytics Engine, providing access to SmartPM’s Project Oversight, Process Improvement, and Forensic Delay Analysis capabilities directly from within the Procore system. SmartPM™ analyzes project schedules stored in Procore to determine and correct Schedule Quality, deliver job site progress in real-time, accurately forecast feasible completion dates, and run a complete and automated Delay Analysis.

How it works

The SmartPM™ Project Analytics Platform extracts data from project schedules stored in Procore to generate meaningful analytics and useful insights that stakeholders can rely on to manage, avoid, and overcome challenges related to overruns, delays, and disputes. SmartPM’s proprietary algorithm employs a 5-step analytical process, including Schedule Quality Analysis, Recovery Analysis, Critical Path Delay Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, and Predictive Analytics to perform powerful analytics and convert them to digestible intelligence for the user.

Integration Requirements
  • SmartPM License
  • Primavera/Microsoft Project Schedules
Required Procore Tools
  • Documents
  • Schedule
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About SmartPM™

SmartPM™ is a cloud-based construction project analytics solution that provides owners and contractors with visibility into performance, risk, and delays of their development and construction projects. SmartPM™ is a business process automation technology that leverages the powerful data contained in construction project schedules to help monitor project performance in real-time, forensically analyze project delays & impacts, predict future milestone completion dates, and identify consistent breakdowns across multiple projects.

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