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With the SmartBarrel integration you can:

Verified Headcount & Timesheets

Live jobsite data, labor, weather and other

Easiest Daily Report & Work Summary submission

Integration Summary

SmartBarrel is a hardware/software solution that helps contractors collect accurate and live data about their workforce on jobsites, from timesheet, PPE equipment, hours worked and other field insights such as weather, tasks, and more.

How it works

Simply import your project information and vendors from Procore to SmartBarrel. Then simply collect verified daily headcount, timesheet, hours and work summaries from SmartBarrel devices and tools.

SmartBarrel data will then automatically populate the Procore Daily Logs - Manpower section for each vendor seamlessly.

Integration Requirements
  • Project with filled address
  • Vendors with EIN number
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
  • Prime Contract
  • Timecard
  • Timesheets
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About SmartBarrel

SmartBarrel is a technology company that designs and builds construction technology hardware and software solutions to help contractors learn and manage their workforce better.

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