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With the SmartBarrel integration you can:

Automate Daily Log

Verify Manpower per trade

SMS Work Summary

Integration Summary

Contactless no-app required device for accurate verified headcount and timesheets with real-time jobsite safety check-ins and weather statistics. Track construction projects and subcontractors with greater speed and accuracy, no more manual entry errors in your daily log.

How it works

SmartBarrel is an indoor/outdoor weather and theft-proof tool for keeping track of workers on your job site. Rugged and solar-powered, no setup required. Your workers check-in without the need for an app.

SmartBarrel is contactless and checks each worker for PPE to ensure safety compliance and risk mitigation.

Integrate with Procore to automate your daily log with accurate and verifiable data.

Easily manage your operations from the SmartBarrel’s remote dashboard on the go from anywhere.

SmartBarrel’s temperature checks and simple COVID-19 SMS questionnaire during check-ins help to keep your jobsite healthy.

While SmartBarrel offers powerful timekeeping and worker tracking features, it goes beyond timesheets by simplifying your operations; eliminating human errors, improving cost-savings, and saving time.

Integration Requirements
  • Project with address
  • Vendors with EIN number
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
  • Directory
  • Home
  • Timecard
  • Timesheets
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About SmartBarrel

The SmartBarrel team creates industry-leading patented technology to simplify construction operations. We are very passionate about what we do and are here to support your operations and make your life easier.

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