Field Communications

Slack by Azuqua

Slack by Azuqua

With the Slack by Azuqua integration you can:

Improve accountability and visibility of RFI statuses.

Reduce communication friction between multiple parties.

Increase efficiency by enabling assignees to immediately respond to and track RFIs.

Integration Summary

Azuqua and Procore teamed up to bring you Procore RFI Slack Notifications. This integration enables you to connect Slack to Procore to improve efficiency and communication by leveraging RFI notifications. Procore RFI Slack Notifications is designed with advanced business logic and branching to deliver a powerful notification experience. By automating RFI notifications, you can respond to RFIs faster and improve visibility by breaking down communication barriers between teams. This workflow automatically sends a Slack message routed directly to the key stakeholders as a direct message or in a group conversation (“Channel”) when an RFI has been created, updated, or resolved.

Integration Requirements:

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