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SiteSense by Intelliwave

SiteSense by Intelliwave

With the SiteSense® by Intelliwave integration you can:

Syncs Commitments to POs in SiteSense and Received material back as productivity log entries.

Syncs drawings, projects, and locations to SiteSense.

Syncs Equipment to SiteSense to log engine runtime and update the equipment log in Procore.

Integration Summary

Intelliwave Technologies' SiteSense® products are global and award-winning Web and Mobile-based software solutions for identification and tracking of construction materials, equipment, and workforce on all sizes of industrial, civil, and buildings projects. When SiteSense® barcode, RFID, and GPS sensors are utilized with the SiteSense® software solutions, enhanced item identification tracking automation delivers unprecedented visibility resulting in predictable construction schedules and costs.

How it works

- New Projects created in Procore will sync to SiteSense. Locations entered in Procore are synced to SiteSense as Storage Locations. Geo-zone locations can then be created in SiteSense for GPS tracking activities

- Approved Commitments created in Procore sync to SiteSense as Purchase Orders. Commitments are required to have entries in the schedule of values and the each line must have budget codes of type materials, equipment, or other to sync to SiteSense successfully.

- Receipts created in SiteSense against Purchase Orders will create Productivity Log entries in Procore. Received lines in SiteSense must have a material status of Checked > Acceptable to sync successfully to Procore. UOSD's resolutions in SiteSense that have a resolution of "Resolved > Add to Stock" will sync back to Procore as Productivity Log entries.

- Drawings created in Procore will sync to SiteSense if an existing Material Needs document of type drawing already exists in SiteSense matching the name of the drawing in Procore. The drawing document is attached as an image in SiteSense with subsequent revisions of the drawing being attached to the SiteSense Drawing.

-Equipment in Procore are created in SiteSense. Utilization hours recorded in SiteSense are synced back to Procore as Equipment Log under Hours Operating.

Integration Requirements
  • A valid SiteSense product license is required to sync data between Procore and SiteSense.
Required Procore Tools
  • Commitments
  • Daily Log
  • Directory
  • Drawings
  • Equipment
Helpful Links

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About Intelliwave

Intelliwave Technologies formed in 2007 to provide new solutions in the construction industry to help increase “Time on Tools” for craft labor and improve site safety. To accomplish these goals Intelliwave focused on providing construction projects with automation and unparalleled visibility in 3 core areas: materials, equipment and workforce. The result was the creation of a revolutionary web and mobile-based software solution in one encompassing brand, SiteSense®.

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