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With the integration you can:

24/7 security and general monitoring made easy with cameras and Artificial Intelligence

Automated tracking and reporting of temperature, humidity, CO, CO2 and air quality

24/7 environmental monitoring paired with AI pictures provides peace of mind for Superintendents

Integration Summary

SiteKick's helps provide 24/7 progress, productivity, security and general environmental monitoring of manpower, temperature, humidity, CO, CO2 and air quality made easy with cameras, sensors, and Artificial Intelligence.

How it works

Procore Apps Embedded experience gives access to site monitoring solution. Scheduled automatic data (images, videos and sensors readings) submits to Procore's Daily Log.

Integration Requirements
  • Product subscription
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
  • Photos
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About SiteKick Technologies

SiteKick's solution provides a one stop shop for site monitoring for commercial construction which takes the guessing out of the project status, improves communication, reduces safety and warranty risks while enabling better utilization of field resources to help improve profits.

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