With the SiteWare integration you can:

Enhance construction management with visual analytics.

Identify errors early, minimize rework, save costs and delays, and avoid future disputes.

Monitor progress on-site and remotely, document and communicate progress to all project stakeholders.

Integration Summary

SiteAware helps Construction Companies and Real-Estate Developers to enhance their Project Monitoring and Site Management by digitizing their job sites into actionable 3D data with situation-aware drones. SiteAware captures your data in a way that allows you to see your site as never seen before. Every angle of your project is covered with high-resolution imagery, later transformed into precise 2D/3D/4D models capturing your current project status. The result is a complete view of your project and exposure of invaluable insights that conventional solutions cannot deliver.

Integration Requirements
Required Procore Tools
  • Observations
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About SiteAware

SiteAware is building knowledge into construction through constant innovation. We build site awareness to enhance construction efficiency by providing visual analytics and actionable insights - continuously capturing the state of construction sites. With SiteAware, construction companies, project owners and real estate developers can monitor their projects safely and with ease so it becomes a daily routine, reducing cost overruns and project delays.

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