Sigma Estimates

Data Connection

With the Sigma Estimates integration you can:

Populate your Procore budget quickly and easily from your Sigma estimate

A Wizard makes mapping the estimate to the budget effortless

Structure the estimate in any way you like and connect to the Procore budget

Integration Summary

Sigma is the best in class estimating solution for all construction projects. Sigma enables fast and accurate estimates, while providing clear insight into the construction process. Flexibility and the ability to connect with other software, has made Sigma the clear choice for industry leaders, and the future of 5D BIM estimating.

Used with Procore, Sigma connects the estimate to the budget. No matter how the estimate is structured, an Import Wizard makes it fast and easy.

How it Works

The setup is simple, pick the app in the store, and a Procore menu becomes visible in Sigma. After completing an estimate, a wizard guides you through the process of mapping cost codes between the Sigma estimate and Procore budget. Cost codes can also be added directly in your estimating templates inside Sigma, making it even easier and faster.

Integration Requirements
  • Active Sigma license
Required Procore Tools
  • Budget
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About Sigma Estimates

Sigma Estimates provides the best and most comprehensive estimating and 5D BIM platform for the construction industry. Proven by users around the world, including the largest and most advanced companies among Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Design-Build companies.

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