SharePoint by SyncEzy

Data Connection

With SharePoint by SyncEzy you can:

Procore document uploads are synced to SharePoint Project Folders, Use full Office 365 Functionality

Two-way sync with the exact same folder structure from Procore replicated in SharePoint.

Procore Files can be shared with non-Procore users, offsite data backup, version control

Integration Summary

Enable secure, two-way sync of your Procore and SharePoint Documents and Photos. Save hours transferring data between systems. Work offline, on multiple computers with local files and collaborative editing. Full version control in SharePoint with auto backup.

Use the best functions from both apps for example, in the image and scanned PDF text search, folder views, better email and workflow integrations, intranet and other integration possibilities, view filters, file search, etc.

How it works

We Sync Documents & Photos from Procore to SharePoint Site/folder location of your choice.

You can choose the same or separate Sharepoint Sync Location for every Procore project.

The Sync works both ways, enabling users to save files locally in OneDrive or Teams or Sharepoint and have the data synced back into Procore and vice versa.

The Data is synced in both directions near real-time, based on the file sizes and quantity, in 99% of cases this is from seconds of edit/add / delete to within 5 minutes.

The sync remembers and respects your security settings ensuring the sharing and the permissions on both the apps are complied with independently.

Safety controls are available in SyncEzy to limit accidental deletes by staff in one system transfer through to the secondary system.

You can view the documents live between both systems on the same screen through our unique File Manager function that does a Live Display to give you 100% confidence.

Multiple configurations available:
Two way between Procore <> Sharepoint
One way from Procore to Sharepoint.
One way from Sharepoint to Procore.

Lastly, at SyncEzy we are an integration company at heart, Sync is literally our first name, we hope to make working with multiple apps easier for you.

Integration Requirements
  • Access to the Documents Tool in Procore
  • SharePoint account Site Admin access
  • SyncEzy Account

Required Procore Tools
  • Documents

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