Document Management

SharePoint by HingePoint

SharePoint by HingePoint

With the Sharepoint by HingePoint integration you can:

Securely bridge your team that work in Procore with those who work in SharePoint.

Migrate your documents and data from SharePoint to Procore for rapid onboarding.

Office365 functionality with Procore; Mac compatible, MSOffice, OneDrive, document sync.

Integration Summary

Automatically update SharePoint and Procore libraries simultaneously. SharePoint Two-Way Sync brings Microsoft’s enterprise-grade document libraries right into Procore Construction OS, with two-way, real-time sync of folders and documents. When you update a folder in SharePoint, it updates in Procore. If you delete a folder in Procore, it deletes in SharePoint. This is not an embedded solution. This is an API solution that has security of both Procore and SharePoint. Licenses required.

Integration Requirements:

If you are a user with rights to Procore project and you’re a SharePoint user with rights to document library, you access the synched fields. One users with rights to files and license, respecting Microsoft’s and Procore’s license.

About HingePoint

HingePoint gets control of your data so you can make the right decisions about your business. You’ll get accurate information with tools that report on the data you need. We integrate software so your data can move from one system to another. We make tools that detect and collect data, so you can build dashboards that instantly project trends about your business. You’ll have up-to-date financial data, better communication on projects, and remove the need to track down data.

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