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SharePoint by HingePoint

SharePoint by HingePoint

With the Sharepoint by HingePoint integration you can:

Securely bridge your team that work in Procore with those who work in SharePoint.

Migrate your documents and data from SharePoint to Procore for rapid onboarding.

Office365 functionality with Procore; Mac compatible, MSOffice, OneDrive, document sync.

Integration Summary

Automatically update SharePoint and Procore libraries simultaneously. SharePoint Two-Way Sync brings Microsoft’s enterprise-grade document libraries right into Procore Construction OS, with two-way, real-time sync of folders and documents. When you update a folder in SharePoint, it updates in Procore. If you delete a folder in Procore, it deletes in SharePoint. This is not an embedded solution. This is an API solution that has the security of both Procore and SharePoint.

How it Works

The connector will map 1 Procore project document module to 1 SharePoint project document library. As you can see from the demo video the files sync in near real time (within seconds) and the tool mirrors the exact actions taken with documents in one system and they are mirrored to the other system. Security rights are fully repected in both systems and the integration does not change the rights of any user or group.

MS Teams and OneDrive are also synced because they synchronize with SharePoint and therefore Procore as well.


All your files are migrated to Procore, backed up from Procore and both teams have the exact same set of the most up to date documents at all times so your teams are always “on the same page” and “singing off the same song sheet”. The integration takes away the risk, worry, and busywork associated with trying to keep both teams informed regarding the most recent document updates on a project.

Integration Requirements:
Product Lines Required
  • Project Management
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