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With a SAP integration you can:

Avoid errors and dual-entry with synchronized project cost data

Forecast confidently from the field

Increase data visibility across multiple systems

Maintain accurate and secure financial data in Procore

Integration Summary

Procore Connect empowers the System Integrator of your choice to integrate your front and back office applications. This enables users to streamline and automate their business processes to ensure SAP and Procore data is accurate, timely, and functional.

The custom integration produced will enable your field teams with untethered access to important financial data, eliminate double-entry and give project managers accurate job costing information on the construction site. Leveraging Procore Connect you can have confidence in your financial data to make the best in-the-field decisions while giving accounting peace of mind as they retain full control over data pushed into their ERP system.

Company/Partner Summary

SAP delivers enterprise resource planning software that incorporates the key business functions of your organization. Trusted by nearly 50,000 customers, SAP ERP supports business processes in 25 industries, 37 languages, and 45 localizations. Offering role-based access to critical applications, data, and analytical tools, SAP enterprise resource management software has a proven track record of driving competitiveness and streamlining business processes. Business Processes included in SAP ERP include Operations (Sales & Distribution, Materials Management, Production Planning, Logistics Execution, and Quality Management), Financials (Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Supply Chain Management) and Human Capital Management (Payroll, e-Recruiting).

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