Salesforce by Azuqua

Salesforce by Azuqua

With the Salesforce by Azuqua you can:

Improve data visibility and accuracy

Increase efficiency by eliminating manual entry between applications

Reduce friction between sales and project management

Integration Summary

Azuqua and Procore formed a partnership to bring powerful Salesforce integrations directly to Procore customers. Azuqua combines integration expertise with an intimate knowledge of Salesforce and Procore, making us the go-to partner to solve the complex Salesforce integration scenarios that Procore customers face everyday.

Azuqua’s features a quick-to-build visual designer and pre-built connectors to both Salesforce and Procore, enabling us to rapidly build integrations in hours instead of months that are tailored to your custom business processes.

Integration Requirements:

About Azuqua

Azuqua connects the world’s leading SaaS services, making it easy to create tailored, automated processes for your teams with the apps they already use. Our no-code visual designer empowers users to get up to speed quickly, sharing and exchanging data between SaaS apps to unlock productivity and efficiency.

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