Sage Insurance by StackLeader

Sage Insurance by StackLeader


With a StackLeader’s Sage insurance integration you can:

Automatically sync insurance policies from Sage to Procore

Map custom fields in Sage to Procore

Receive Procore expiration notifications with accurate insurance records

Integration Summary

StackLeader’s Sage insurance integration will automatically synchronize insurance policies stored in Sage with Procore on a predefined schedule. This integration also comes with a desktop tool to manually synchronize the policies on demand. With insurance policies always up­-to-­date, you can receive accurate expiration notifications from Procore.

Company/Partner Summary

StackLeader specializes in building custom integration solutions for Procore that are designed to allow customers to get the most value possible from the Procore platform. StackLeader integration software can bridge the gaps between your internal software systems (e.g. accounting, time management, ERP, etc.) and Procore. We can also construct custom dashboards and mobile applications to provide enhanced visibility and control of your projects and resources.

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