Safety Reports

Safety Inspection App

With the Safety Reports integration you can:

Automatically upload safety inspection reports directly to your Procore documents folder

Automatically upload Corrective Action Tracking Reports to keep your team up-to-date

The integration process is simple, seamless and cost-free to our subscribers

Integration Summary

Mobile Safety Inspection Management System

How it works

Our inspection app allows users to document worksite inspections using OSHA checklists. Our checklists are comprehensive and include references to applicable standards (i.e. 29 CFR 1926, CalOSHA, etc.). We also offer electronic Corrective Action Tracking (eCAT) and Analytics for trending. When you integrate our app with Procore, your reports will be automatically stored/filed in your Procore account under a "Safety" folder for each of your projects. We're also able to integrate our electronic Corrective Action Tracking (eCAT) reports with Procore. Anyone with access to your Procore account will be able to view your inspection reports and Corrective Action Tracking reports.

Integration Requirements
  • Safety Reports Inspection App Subscription Required (Enterprise Account)
Required Procore Tools
  • None
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Safety-Reports builds apps, more specifically, safety apps! Our flagship product is our Inspection App which was released in 2011 and we've recently added a Toolbox/Training Talk App, JSA App, Observation App, and Incident App. We provide simple solutions at a reasonable cost and our service is second to none! Based in Omaha, NE

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