With the Revizto integration you can:

Revizto brings a model, drawing and scan data to the entire project team, allowing users to coordinate with context

Revizto Issue Tracker allows the discovery of problems from any environment and communicate those to all other project participants

Create a “Coordination Issue” in Procore directly from Revizto Issue Tracker and elevate to RFI instantly

Integration Summary

Revizto is an intelligent 3D and 2D project data viewer built around collaboration and quick communication, allowing you to communicate on a personal level and an automated data delivery approach. Coordination during the project lifecycle is key to any project at any phase and Revizto can be that connective tissue from the people to the process.

How Revizto works with Procore

Revizto integration allows converting Revizto issues to Procore coordination issues. The main goal is to speed up the process of creating RFIs based on Revizto issues.

Integration Requirements
  • Revizto software subscription
  • Procore Design Coordination must be purchased

Required Procore Tools
  • Coodination Issues
  • RFIs

Helpful Links

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About Revizto

Revizto is created by Vizerra SA with HQ in Lausanne, Switzerland and began developing real-time issue tracking software for the AEC industry in 2008. The primary focus of Revizto is to provide a BIM collaboration platform for 3D and 2D workflows that enables users to work and communicate with all project stakeholders in a unified software environment. Currently, more than 100,000 AEC professionals in 150 countries rely on Revizto every day as a project coordination tool on thousands of construction projects.

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