Data Connection

With the Reconstruct integration you can:

Seamlessly connect between accounts

Streamline access to project information

Eliminate the necessity for manual data transfer between solutions

Integration Summary

Single Sign-On:
Procore users who also use Reconstruct can utilize their credentials to sign in to Reconstruct. For this, the user has to connect the Reconstruct account to the Procore account within the Reconstruct user profile settings.

File transfer:
Once the accounts are connected, the user can connect a Reconstruct project with a Procore project. From Reconstruct's Data Manager, the user can view all uploaded files stored in Procore and upload them directly to Reconstruct's Data Manager.

How it works

Reconstruct's Visual Command Center provides unique insights into project progress as well as quality and safety aspects. Reconstruct combines site documentation such as interior and exterior images, videos with design documentation and schedules. The integration allows the user to directly access project files in Procore to be utilized in Reconstruct - no download or re-upload necessary.

Integration Requirements
  • Valid subscription to Reconstruct
  • Valid Procore license
Required Procore Tools
  • Documents
Helpful Links

Help Center
Procore Support Article

About Reconstruct

Reconstruct is a Visual Command Center that provides project stakeholders with an integrated view of construction progress, productivity and schedule risk. Reconstruct is used by industry leaders as it has yielded a 30% time reduction to report field level progress and a 50% reduction in site visits by executives.

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