Quickbooks Time (TSheets) by SyncEzy

Data Connection

With the Tsheets by SyncEzy integration you can:

Control costs on Procore Projects, using TSheets (Quick Books Time) to track labour costs

Sending projects, Sub Jobs and Cost codes from Procore to TSheets, bring time sheets entries back

Live GPS Tracking, Geo Fencing, Location Bread Crumb trail, Payroll, Overtime, Breaks & more

Integration Summary

Connect Procore to TSheets to enable TSheets to track time on Procore Projects. Sending projects from Procore to TSheets and bring back time from TSheets to Procore.

How it Works

SyncEzy allows you to use the world's best time tracking app, TSheets.

SyncEzy extracts Projects, Sub Jobs and Cost Codes from Procore and creates them in TSheets, allowing Staff, Technicians, and Labourers to track time in TSheets.

Integration Requirements
  • Access to the Daily Log in Procore
  • TSheets Account
  • SyncEzy Account
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
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