Quickbooks Connector

With the QuickBooks Connector integration you can:

Solve communication issues between accounting and project managers

Access real-time financial information from your accounting system

Manage commitments and commitment change orders in Procore

Integration Summary

Procore's seamless integration with QuickBooks synchronizes project and cost data.

Connect your accounting and project management within Procore and provide field teams untethered access to financial data. Eliminate double-entry and give project managers one-click access to accurate job costing information on the construction site. With the QuickBooks Connector, you can have confidence in your financial data to make the best in-the-field decisions while giving accounting peace of mind as they retain full control over data pushed into accounting.

Integrations Requirements

  • Company Administrator permissions to the Procore web application
  • QuickBooks Web Connector (QWC) Version
  • QuickBooks Web Connector (QWC) Version
  • A compatible edition of QuickBooks (see QuickBooks Compatibility section below)

    Supported Editions

    The QuickBooks Connector supports these US Desktop editions of QuickBooks:

    • QuickBooks 2020 Accountant
    • QuickBooks Pro 2020
    • QuickBooks Premier 2020 (Contractor Edition)
    • QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 (Contractor Edition)
    • QuickBooks Pro 2019
    • QuickBooks Premier 2019 (Contractor Edition)
    • QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 (Contractor Edition)
    • QuickBooks Pro 2018
    • QuickBooks Premier 2018 (Contractor Edition)
    • QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 (Contractor Edition)
    • QuickBooks Pro 2017
    • QuickBooks Premier 2017 (Contractor Edition)
    • QuickBooks Enterprise 2017 (Contractor Edition)
    • QuickBooks Premier 2016 (Contractor Edition)
    • QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 (Contractor Edition)
    • QuickBooks Premier 2015 (Contractor Edition)
    • QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 (Contractor Edition)
    Required Procore Tools
    • Budget
    • Commitments
    • Invoicing
    Helpful Links

    Procore Support Article

    About Intuit's QuickBooks

    Intuit's QuickBooks lets your accounting department handle construction accounting on the go—and get more done. With QuickBooks, you can make & record deposits, pay bills & expenses, create monthly statements, print or email reports, and make tax time a breeze.

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