QR Inventory

Data Connection

With the QR Inventory integration you can:

Track assets (tools and equipment) & inventory in the field with mobile devices and barcode scanning

Collect data that you need and attach images to asset and inventory transactions

Send collected data to Procore daily logs automatically

Integration Summary

QR Inventory is a mobile platform for inventory, tools and equipment management, in the field, on the job sites, in the service trucks and in the warehouse.

Field employees use QR Inventory mobile application to track equipment, tools and inventory on site using barcode scanning.

Office employees have a live view into the job sites operations and access to comprehensive reports via a web dashboard.

How it works

Procore integration allows you to process inventory and equipment transactions on site in real time using mobile devices and barcode scanning, and automatically send relevant entries to Procore daily logs.

You can also generate QR codes for Procore drawing areas, and access drawings on site on a smartphone or tablet by scanning QR code.

You link QR Inventory transactions to Procore daily logs via QR Inventory web dashboard. Any time field employee records a transactions on site, the entry automatically appears in the corresponding Procore daily log, including image attachments.

Integration Requirements
  • QR Inventory subscription (month to month)
  • Access To Procore Daily Logs
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
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