Pype Closeout

Data Connection

With the Pype Closeout integration you can:

Simplified data setup, email templates, and powerful dashboards, reporting tools and portfolios

Automated subcontractor outreach to get you what you need, when you need it

Generate polished turnover packages with an indexed and hyperlinked PDF

Integration Summary

Pype Closeout provides a single portal for closeout documentation management with digital document collection from subcontractors, automated turnover packages and powerful reporting dashboards. With subcontractor outreach automated, the Closeout platform ensures contract compliance and helps you get paid faster.

How it works

Pype - Procore Integration will enable customers to perform the following tasks

    1. Import contacts from Procore Project Directory
    2. Import any closeout submittals from Procore Submittals
    3. Manage the closeout process efficiently
    4. Import any additional documents like submittal attachments, photos for the creation of turnover packages
Integration Requirements
  • Pype Account
Required Procore Tools
  • Submittals
Helpful Links

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About Pype

Pype provides innovative construction software solutions that enable project teams to start projects faster and finish stronger. Start projects faster by generating submittal logs with Pype AutoSpecs. Our patent-pending software takes a manual, time-consuming process and allows you to create submittal logs in minutes. Finish projects stronger and get paid faster by streamlining and automating the entire closeout process with Pype Closeout.

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