Data Connection

With the Prophix integration you can:

Centralize all Project and Corporate Financials, Estimation and CRM data into a single solution for Forecasting, Budgeting and Reporting.

Forecast Job Cashflows, Revenue and Cost over time (daily, weekly, monthly).

Easily drill down to Cost Codes and Transactions to understand the story behind your Margin Fade.

Monitor KPIs like Job Borrow, Days of cash and Resource Utilization while diving directly into your data with interactive dashboards.

Collaborate through Workflow and streamline your monthly forecasting processes, build What-If scenarios - all with real time updates to your Corporate Financials.

Integration Summary

Prophix CPM platform connects to any Procore API providing customers enhanced visibility to projects and financials from the ERP. As a CPM platform, we extend this data into Forecasting and Budgeting processes, allowing customers to easily collaborate on inputs and forecast cashflow.

Our integration will keep your project, accounting, estimation, and CRM data in sync in a single platform.

How it works

Prophix integrates data from across the Procore platform. We connect using the family of Procore API’s to provide timely access to all your Procore data.

Prophix will package the data for easy reporting and analysis and surfaces it in our Construction specific dashboards and reports and allow users to analyze it on our platform. The data will also be used for budgeting, planning and forecasting. Prophix users will have access to both summarized and detailed data from Procore.

Integration Requirements
Required Procore Tools
  • Varies as Integration is customizable with any Tool that is accessible through the Procore API
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About Prophix Software

Prophix unified Corporate Performance Management platform centralizes all your financial information and ensures your project job cost information is always in sync with your accounting. With a single source of the truth, everyone – from the field to the office, is always working with the most up-to-date cost information, preventing cost over-runs, reworks and project delays.

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