With the Pronovos integration you can:

Measure and monitor job performance with scorecards that present Key Performance Indicators in a way that’s easy to understand at a glance

Integrate data from all of your business applications to ensure a single version of the truth, and distribute informative dashboards and reports to any device within minutes

Improve your field productivity by using our prebuilt WIP dashboards that predict your productivity every step of the way

Integration Summary

Pronovos utilizes its proprietary FastSync® applet to connect and sync your Procore data in near real-time. FastSync® is a flexible connector that can combine all of your project data, accounting, CRM and sales data with a few simple steps. In a short amount of time, your entire organization can be up and running with an enterprise Business Intelligence solution.

Integration Requirements
  • Pronovos Account
Required Procore Tools
  • None
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About Pronovos

Pronovos is the only construction analytics platform that meets the needs of the boardroom and the job site. It empowers construction organizations to make sense of large amounts of data, get answers to the toughest business questions, and ensure a single version of the truth on any device.

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