Data Connection

With the ProjectxR integration you can:

An onsite representative shares their augmented reality view and voice with a remote team

Access your Procore Drawings, Photos, and Documents libraries on site and in conferences

Record the on site view and all participants directly to Procore as snapshots or audio and video

Integration Summary

The ProjectxR telepresence platform lets staff on-site host a meeting without attendees traveling. One person on-site shares their view of the job including AR annotations placed on the site by everyone on the call, including the team joining from their browser. Record conferences at any time for instant storage in Procore and bring files like documents and drawings from Procore into the conference at any time, giving everyone a shared view of the context at the job site and the project's data.

How it works

ProjectxR is a web-based communication platform and an augmented reality app. The ProjectxR Platform integrates with your Procore account, so you can link your Procore projects into ProjectxR and access your directory and data. After a project admin enables ProjectxR for a project, team members link the project to view the project's directory as contacts, call other ProjectxR users in the project directly and in group conferences, and access project files. ProjectxR streams your projects' Documents, Drawings, and Photo Library modules from Procore without copying your files, so you can securely access the very latest files from your project at any time. Recordings of calls and photos snapped in AR on-site are automatically stored in your project's Documents folder, categorized by the author and time and date stamp. ProjectxR works like a 'copper wire' between your team, your site, and your data in Procore.

Integration Requirements
  • A valid license for deploying ProjectxR on your project
  • A Procore Admin must enable ProjectxR for each project
  • Augmented reality requires the Microsoft HoloLens 1, the Microsoft HoloLens 2, or an ARKit-compatible iOS device (starting April 2020)
Required Procore Tools
  • Directory
  • Documents
  • Drawings
  • Photos
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