Projectmates Connector

Data Connection

With the Projectmates Connector integration you can:

Import open RFIs to Projectmates RFI

Import open Submittals to Projectmates Submittals

Update Procore RFI from Projectmates final response

Integration Summary

Projectmates Connector software makes it easy to to connect Procore RFI and Submittals to Projectmates.

The Connector imports RFI and Submittals into Projectmates with a single click along with their attachments. It also creates submittal register if needed. When RFI is closed within Projectmates, it seamlessly updates associated item in Procore.

The Connector saves double-entry and avoids errors.

The connector is available free of charge for all common Projectmates and Procore users.

How it works

Login to Projectmates and in user profile connect your Procore account to your Projectmates account. In the RFI or Submittals area, click on Import... button to list open RFIs or Submittals ready for import.

Integration Requirements
  • Projectmates User License with rights to create RFIs and/or Submittals
Required Procore Tools
  • RFI
  • Submittals
Helpful Links

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