Procore Imports

Data Connection

With the Procore Imports integration you can:

Bulk import and update User information

Bulk import and update Vendor information

Bulk import and update Cost Codes

Integration Summary

With the Procore Imports app, you can bring in large chunks of data all at your fingertips directly from your desktop to Procore. Procore Imports is a free, desktop software program that you can download and install on a computer running Windows 7 or newer. It's designed to give individuals a convenient method for importing large sets of data to Procore. Below are some of the functionalities for bulk imports:

  • User information
  • Vendor information
  • Cost Codes
  • Location items
  • Punch List items
How it Works

Check out our Imports User Guide here ( where we provide you with an overview of Procore Imports features. It also contains instructions for logging in/out of the program, describes how to use the available imports, and provides tips for managing different Procore Imports settings.

Integration Requirements
  • Windows 7 or higher
Required Procore Tools
  • None
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About Procore Imports

Procore Imports is a free desktop software program developed by Procore.

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