Procore for Gmail

Data Connection

With the Gmail integration you can:

Save important emails directly from your Gmail interface into the Procore Email Tool.

Quickly switch between projects to file emails and de-clutter your inbox.

Continue the email conversations using the email tool in Procore to maintain the history of the conversations.

Create and send correspondence items from your Gmail client to the Procore Correspondence tool.

Respond to correspondence using the Correspondence tool in Procore.

Integration Summary

This Gmail add-on will allow you to send emails and correspondence items directly from Gmail to the Procore project of your choice. With a simple two step process, you can easily share your communications directly with collaborators on your project. Once you are logged in, select your desired Procore company and project, and hit send! Your Gmail message and/or your correspondence item will instantly appear in your Procore project!

How it works

The Procore plugin for Gmail allows Procore project users to easily move critical project emails into the Procore emails tool allowing you to control your project communications and manage all project-related emails and correspondence items using one centralized email client.

Integration Requirements
  • Gmail account
  • Standard permissions on the Procore project level Emails tool.
  • Standard permissions on the Procore project level Correspondence tool.

Required Procore Tools
  • Emails
  • Correspondence (optional)

Helpful Links

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