Data Connection

With the Pro-Link integration you can:

Receive on-demand alerts and notifications for important project changes.

Integrate project planning with the ability to link Procore data with other important financial and operational data.

Make accurate, informed, and profitable project decisions with a "control tower" view of your operations.

Integration Summary

PRO-LINK software provides the ability to access, integrate, and manage all your project data when, where, and how you need it. Developed using the Procore Connect API, PRO-LINK downloads your data from the Procore cloud for integration with other critical data sources.

Integration Requirements
  • Pro-Link Account
Required Procore Tools
  • None
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Big Data has become part of the construction industry. Controlling the data, rather than letting it overwhelm you, is key to project management and profitability. PRO-LINK is a tool you can use to handle Big Data, accelerate analysis, optimize decision making, and keep projects on budget.

Tilson is the world leader in executing complex technology programs for the commercial construction industry. Our unmatched team of construction business analysts and technologists have an extensive track record of engineering unique solutions to the new challenges created as local, regional, and global communications evolve.

At Tilson, we understand that efficiency and performance drives your business. Our PRO-LINK software solution provides your business the information you need – where, when and how you need it – to make accurate project management decisions. Own the data, Own the decision.

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